Business information

Sales/ Commercial affairs Division

Handling items

Machinery and equipment
  • Machine tools
  • dust collector
  • blower
  • decelerator
  • hydraulic/ pneumatic equipment
  • various pumps
  • compressor
  • crane
  • hoist
  • chain block
  • electric motor
machine parts
  • valves
  • high pressure fittings
  • various bearings
  • various filters
  • brakes
  • clutches
  • gears
  • joints
  • couplingsa
electric metered house goods
  • industrial instruments
  • flaw detectors
  • electrical measuring instruments
  • sensors
  • servomotors
  • microswitches
measuring tools/ jigs
  • various measuring tools
  • gauges
  • high speed steel tools
  • carbide tools
  • grinding wheel
  • ceramic tools
  • diamond tools
  • work tools
  • steel furniture
  • various rubber processed products
  • machined products
  • canned products

Engineering Division

special labor saving equipment production

We have earned a good reputation with our experienced designer created CAD designed equipment, manufactured and delivered promptly and our trial run adjustments.

production of various jigs and tools

Our experienced designer created jigs and tools are CAD designed so we can produce high quality products with prompt delivery.

Grinding Factory Division

cutting tools repair and maintenance

We have received high ratings for our drill, bit, and tap and die grinding; our track record for repair and maintenance of side entry cutters, broaches, hobs, carbide tools and various cutting tools; our precision and prompt delivery.

Subcontracting Factory

  • Fujimoto Precision Machinery, Ltd.
  • Fujita IDC Corporation
  • Kitamura-Kogyo Corporation
  • and other leading factories in the city

For questions or consultations for machine tool logistics management please don't hesitate to contact Kowa corporation.